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Although clinical outcomes of the reverse shoulder replacement have noted improvements in pain and function, evaluation of these outcomes reveals concerns regarding progressive scapular notching and variability of functional improvements in range of motion. Therefore, an apparatus was designed to examine differences in abduction range of motion for seven configurations of reverse shoulder arthroplasty. An electronic goniometer was used to measure abduction range of motion, and digital video analysis was used to determine impingement points. HYPOTHESIS: Retained surgical sponges are serious medical errors that result in negative patient outcomes. A radiofrequency (RF) mat for the operating room bed has recently been introduced to detect the presence of a retained surgical sponge. The study objectives were to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of the RF mat for the detection of surgical sponges through the torso of individuals with varying body habitus and to compare the sensitivity of the RF mat with that of the RF wand. FIT results were classified as positive, negative, or invalid. Colonoscopy reports were reviewed and abstracted. Because of product issues, four different FIT manufacturers were used. In a group of patients (n = 102) we compared post-total gastrectomy plus splenectomy the ranking of the postoperative Gastrografin swallow and of abdominal sonography as "bedside" methods. There was no Nike Blazer High Canada correlation in respect Nike Store of proof of anastomotic insufficiency on the one hand and detection of free abdominal fluid on the other. No other imaging method visualises morphological details of the anastomosis to the same degree as the Gastrografin swallow. Women who consume fish have more DHA in their breast milk than do those who do not eat seafood. Infant formulas contain only LNA as a source of n-3 FAs. Pregnant and nursing women should be encouraged to consume seafood on a regular basis during pregnancy and lactation to furnish DHA for their infants.. The results showed that the decolorization efficiency decreased with increasing RBBR concentration, and a marked inhibition effect was exhibited when the dye concentrations were above 100 mg l(-1). The optimum temperature for enzymatic decolorization was 40 degrees C. BOX showed efficient decolorization of the dye with a wide pH range of 5-8.5. BACKGROUND: An effective working relationship between chief residents and residency program directors is critical to a residency program's success. Despite the importance of this relationship, few studies have explored the characteristics of an effective program director-chief resident partnership or how to facilitate collaboration between the 2 roles, which collectively are important to program quality and resident satisfaction. We describe the development and impact of a novel workshop that paired program directors with their incoming chief residents to facilitate improved partnerships.METHODS: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education sponsored a full-day workshop for residency program directors and their incoming chief residents.  

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