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BACKGROUND: Belief in divine control is often assumed to be fatalistic. However, the assumption has rarely been investigated in racial/ethnic minorities.OBJECTIVES: This study aims to examine the association between belief in divine control and coping and how the association was moderated by ethnicity/acculturation in a multi-ethnic sample of breast cancer patients.METHODS: Latina, African American, and non-Hispanic White older women with newly diagnosed breast cancer (N=257) from a population-based survey completed the scale of Belief in Divine Control and the Brief COPE.RESULTS: Belief in divine control was positively related to approach coping (i.e., positive reframing, active coping, and planning) in all ethnic groups. Belief in divine control was positively related to acceptance and negatively related to avoidance coping (i.e., denial and behavioral disengagement) among low-acculturated Latinas.CONCLUSIONS: Negative presumptions about fatalistic implications of belief in divine control should be critically reappraised, especially when such skepticism is applied to racial/ethnic minority patients.Comment inIf God is in control of my health, what should I do? The importance of religious, ethnic, and social culture: a comment on Umezawa et al. Several previous studies found that too great a reduction of clinic blood pressure (BP) by treatment increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, whereas moderate reduction decreased it. Thus, it has been suggested that the relationship between BP and CVD events is J-shaped, with CVD risk decreasing as BP is lowered, and Nike Store Metrotown then rising as BP is further decreased. Correlation between BP level and CVD risk, however, is stronger for ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) than clinical BP measurements. The vertebrae are generally involved, and the posterior elements of the spine are involved infrequently. Posterior element involvement is seen more commonly in actinomycosis, coccidioidomycosis, and neoplasms. Newer diagnostic modalities, such as CT, MRI, and radionuclide scans, may detect the disease earlier than conventional radiographs. Here, we identified functional interactions between CsgG and CsgE during curli secretion. We discovered that CsgG overexpression restored curli production to a csgE strain under curli-inducing conditions. In antibiotic sensitivity and protein secretion assays, CsgG expression alone allowed translocation of erythromycin and small periplasmic proteins across the outer membrane. Therefore, more study to formulate the energy loss at three-way drop manholes is needed. In this study, the ratio of the diameter between inflow pipes and an outflow pipe, the ratio of flow rates between those pipes, water depth in a manhole and the drop gaps between those pipes are considered and the energy loss at three-way circular drop manholes is examined. Finally, a modified formula, more accurate Nike Outlet Burlington than that in the U.S.  

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