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Incongruent vocalizations reduced reported obey moves, whereas congruent vocalizations increased them. In Experiment 2, vocalizations had stronger effects when their congruence with primary-task box movement was consistent for several consecutive moves before congruence changed. In Experiment 3, analogous impacts of vocalizations occurred when the computer selected the directions and participants judged whether the computer had control of the box. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Factors associated with the pathogenesis of subcortical hyperintense lesions on magnetic resonance imaging of the brain are not known. We describe four cases of de novo genesis of subcortical hyperintense lesions in patients undergoing controlled therapeutic internal carotid artery occlusion, and we speculate on associated pathophysiological mechanisms.METHODS: Twelve consecutive patients underwent controlled therapeutic internal carotid artery occlusion for symptomatic giant cerebral aneurysm using the detachable balloon technique under Nike Shoes Sale Online Canada full anticoagulation. Preocclusion (within 2 weeks) and postocclusion (within 6 weeks) magnetic resonance imaging of the brain was performed in eight cases and evaluated for preexisting and new appearance of subcortical hyperintense lesions.RESULTS: There were four instances of de novo genesis of subcortical hyperintense lesions after carotid occlusion. Relationship dissatisfaction fully mediated the effects of problem drinking on male and female perpetration and partially mediated the effects on male victimization. Relationship dissatisfaction did not mediate the effects of problem drinking on female victimization.CONCLUSIONS: The relationship between problem drinking and IPV was not spurious for men or women. Heavier drinking by partners put women at greater risk for perpetration and victimization and mediated the effects of their own problem drinking on perpetration. Breastfeeding rates in 1999 were compared with rates in 2000 and 2001.METHODS: A total of 200 medical records of full-term, healthy infants who were born at BMC in 2000 and 2001 were reviewed using the same criteria as the study conducted for 1999. Records were selected randomly by a computer-generated list. All infant feedings during the hospital postpartum Nike High Heels Toronto stay were tallied, and each infant was categorized into 1 of 4 groups: 1) exclusive breast milk, 2) mostly breast milk, 3) mostly formula, and 4) exclusive formula.RESULTS: Maternal and infant demographics for all 3 years were comparable.  

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