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The percentage carcass fat was significantly higher on the 1991 vs the 1957 diet and in females vs males. The male-female difference in percentage carcass fat increased with age. Heart and lung size as a percentage of live BW were lower in the AA than in the ACRBC.. [Curr Biol. 2014]Spindle size: small droplets and a big step forward.Dumont S. Curr Biol. INTRODUCTION: Currently, alcohol industry-sponsored advertisements subsume traditional designated driver and don't drink and drive messages within responsible drinking campaigns. Yet, to date, there remains a dearth of literature specifically examining the attitudinal beliefs Cheap Nike Shoes China impaired drivers attach to the responsible drinking message.OBJECTIVE: This investigation sought to examine the responsible drinking attitudes and beliefs of impaired drivers, specifically examining their confidence and intention to drink responsibly the next time they consumed alcohol.METHODS: A random sample of 729 students attending a large, public Texas university completed a web-based administration of the Characteristic of Responsible Drinking Survey (CHORDS).RESULTS: Participants in this sample who had driven while impaired by alcohol exhibited significantly less confidence in refraining from drinking and driving and reported significantly lower intentions to designate a driver, take a taxi, or use a safe-ride program the next time they consumed alcohol. Additionally, they also reported less confidence, and lower intentions, to ensure their blood alcohol concentrations remained below the legal limit (0.08%) the next time they consumed alcohol.CONCLUSIONS: Drivers who had driven while impaired significantly differed in their confidence and intention to drink responsibly the next time they consumed alcohol. This study might help teachers and their trainers and coaches to recognize different aspects of teacher functioning when discussing portfolios for professional development purposes. However, further development of assignments and other methods to stimulate reflections on beliefs, identity and mission are needed. Furthermore, apart from the content of teachers' reflections, teachers' reflection processes should be researched, as well as the effects of portfolio meetings with peers and coaches.. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate implementation of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) in Brazil from 1992 to 2004.METHODS: This retrospective descriptive study of the BFHI in Brazil examined the number of Baby-Friendly Hospitals (BFH) accredited per year from 1992 to 2004, state and regional distribution of the hospitals, the number of municipalities with a BFH, and the number of births at the 294 BFH that were participating in Brazil's Nike Online Promo Code universal, public health care system (Serviço Unico de Saúde) in 2004. Data were obtained from the Ministry of Health's Hospital Information System, from state health departments, and from Ministry of Health's reports on breastfeeding.RESULTS: From 1992 to 2004, a total of 312 hospitals were BFH-accredited across 24 of Brazil's 26 states and the Federal District. Of these, one had lost accreditation and 10 had been deactivated by the end of the study period.  

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